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+233-30-254-1477 info@afcopb.org Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

Conflict Resolution

Conflict, if handle well brings progress. If not handle well can degenerate into violence and war. We aim is to engage parties in conflict to come to a consensus rather than identifying violence means to resolving those differences.


We work in the areas of the fight against all forms of corruption, particularly within the public sector. We use the media as a primary tool to expose corruption and engage in public education on the effects of bribery and corruption.

Peace, Justice and Security

We embark on projects that seek to use justice to ensure peace and security in our various communities. We engage state agencies to ensure citizen have access to justice.

Youth & Women Development

We implement projects to help build the capacities of the youth and women in the area of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Local Governance.  This we believe is very core in preventing conflict as it goes….

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We are passionate about the role of research in every development progress and therefore conduct research into key conflict situations in Africa to help provide a possible scientific based solution.

Cyber Security

We empower security services, private investigators and IT personnel of businesses and organization with the needed skills to curb cybercrime and improve cyber policing.

Support of Projects

We currently need your support for our anti-corruption and community heroes award prjects

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