Ghana is seen as one of the relatively peaceful countries in West Africa, perhaps Africa due to her political stabilities for the past twenty eight year. However the country is hit by several sporadic chieftaincy, tribal and low level political conflicts.

The youth especially young men have been directly involved in these political, chieftaincy and ethnic conflicts which occurred at Bawku, Alavanyo-Nkunya, Kokomba-Nanumba,Anloga, Yendi and Buipe.

The direct involvement of the youth in this situation is largely attributed to lack of jobs, poverty, hunger, lack of proper education, and at the part of the youth-laziness, unwillingness to sacrifice a little for the future- thus thinking of easy way of acquiring wealth. These made it possible for the youth very vulnerable to be highly influenced by some elderly who demand for violent acts in return of their offer.

In 2010, AFCOPB  established Peace Fellowship Network which is now the Peace Club 9 schools in Ghana through its Rural Peace Project. The network over 1,100 members.

Capters: KNUST, UDS, Wusuta, LESEC,  Gambaga, VESEC, Anfoega, JIMBMASS, PROSCO. The  networks at the moment are not vibrant. AFCOPB is therefore re-branding them Peace Club and revamping them through its Youth Peace Project.

Some of the activities of the Peace Clubs:

The students will be involved in various programs, training and projects that are developed on the ideology of peace.Some of the programs and projects to be embarked on include:

  • Essay and Debate competitions (local and international)
  • UN Peace Day Celebrations and Peace Week
  • International and National Peace and Leadership Conferences
    • Workshops and Seminars on the MDG’s
    • Annual National Peace Awards
    • Community Based Projects (voluntary programmes)
    • Climate Change and Sustainability

Periodically, training is offed to members in the areas of:

* Conflict Analysis and Prevention Skills
* Mediation Skills
* Conflict Resolution

* Good Governance
* Democracy
* Public Accountability and Service among others

Certificates will be awarded to participants who undergo the training to be PEACE FELLOWS.

You can start a Chapter of Peace Club in your School!

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