Korsi Senyo, West Africa CC Liaison Officer, United Regions Initiative

Korsi Senyo, West Africa CC Liaison Officer, United Regions Initiative

AwakeAfrica/Accra: Korsi Senyo, the Executive Director of African Centre for Peace Building-AFCOPB have been appointed West Africa CC Liaison Officer of the United Religions Initiative-URI.

In this new appointment, Korsi Senyo is responsible for communicating URI’s programmes and principle to its member organization (CCs), developing online database of CCs,  meeting and providing training for URI CCs across the West Africa sub-region. He is also tasked to develop and manage URI Africa’s website.

United Religions Initiative-URI with its quarter in San Francisco-USA, Ethiopia and Nigeria as its Africa and West Africa Regional offices respectively  is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.

“As part of my responsibility of meeting face-to-face with URI member organizations in West Africa, I will be officially introduced to West Africa CCs at the URI West Africa Regional Assembly in Jos, Nigeria on the November 21, 2014 which is hosted by the West Africa Regional Coordinator-Dr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba” –Korsi Senyo told AwakeAfrica in an interview.

When asked his vision for the new office, this is what Korsi Senyo has to say:

“I think this is one of the greatest opportunity to serve on the international stage in the area of peace, justice and interfaith-what the URI stands for. I share in the vision of URI and will work so hard with the West Africa and Africa Regional Coordinators to make sure URI’s programmes get rooted and have the maximum impact in the West Africa sub-region.

With my skills and experience in the field of peace, business and organizational development, ICT, journalism, leadership, PR & mass communication over the past six years; I will work so hard with my coordinators-H.E. Amb. Mussie Hailu-PhD and  Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba-PhD to bring a lot of creativity and innovation into our activities that will lead to making URI West Africa the most active and vibrant region among URI Global Regional bodies in the world”

Korsi Senyo had over the years work so hard in grassroots peace development in Ghana. Let’s know little about him:

Korsi Senyo has over six years experience working directly at local and international levels focusing on peace-building, youth development, education, web development and internet technology, microfinance, event management, mass media and corporate communications.

He is the Founder/CEO of:

  • MS Agric Ventures which his established in 2007 while at KNUST. The business is into production of maize, cassava, glasscutter and fowls;
  • Senyo Global Solutions – a business media that is into organization of conferences, workshops, exhibitions, business tours, advertising and marketing.
  • SEMPEG Consult – a IT firm that is into website development; school, church, store and organizational management software.

Korsi Senyo is also the Founder/Developer and Chief Editor for AwakeAfrica.org and GHadverts.com (online pan-African magazine and Business Magazine respectively).


As a social worker, he is the Co-founder and Executive Director of African Centre for Peace Building- established in 2010. He coordinates all activities and bring together stakeholders towards the achievement of the objectives of the organization. He designs programmes and projects to promote peace, justice, youth and women development and poverty reduction. Notable among the projects he impletement with AFCOPB are Rural Peace Project, Africa Peace Festival, Africa Peace Awards, International Peace Conferences, Youth Leadership Training, Health Mission Project, Web for Peace Project, Farm for Peace Project, Free & Fair Project, Civil Society Forum on Microfinance among others.

In February 2014, he was invited by H.E. Dennis Sasso Nduaso, the President of the Republic of Congo to join other five Head of States, Noble Peace Prize winners, Defense Ministers, Senior Government Officials and other world leaders to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Signing of Brazzaville Peace Accord. At this world peace gathering, Korsi Senyo joined in discussions in shaping world peace and development.

Korsi Senyo wants to contribute effectively towards national and international development through social work, leadership and entrepreneurship.