Korsi Senyo, Executive Director, AFCOPB

Korsi Senyo, Executive Director, AFCOPB

The Executive Director of The African Centre for Peace Building, Korsi Senyo Kumedzina chaired the 1st Microinsurance West Africa Summit, March 12-14, 2014 held at the African Regent Hotel, Accra-Ghana. The conference which brought together experts, practitioners and regulators in the insurance industry was organized by AMC International and endorsed by MicroInsure and African Centre for Peace Building with media partnership from AwakeAfrica.org

Korsi Senyo as the chairman of the summit also made presentation on:

“The Microinsurance That Works For Women” and “Fully Embracing ICT To Aid In The Effective Handling Of Volumes In Business”

Below is the full text of Korsi Senyo’s opening remarks:

Chairman Opening Remarks:
Microinsurance West Africa Summit 2014, African Regent Hotel, Accra-Ghana
By Korsi Senyo Kumedzina, Executive Director, African Centre for Peace Building

All protocols observed,
Ladies and gentle men, I’m highly honored to be called upon by the organizers of this great gathering of professionals to chair this ground breaking summit.
I wish to first of all express my sincere gratitude to the AMC International for this opportunity given me and also congratulate them for putting up this high level international meeting of professionals in the insurance industry. It is not an easy task putting up a programme like this.

Microinsurance is one of the young and growing sectors in Africa with a very high prospect of enhancing the livelihoods of the poor masses as it will help protect and sustain their hard work. If the sector is tapped and developed with a more social touch, it will go a long way to alleviate the majority of our population which constitutes the informal sector from extreme poverty.
The growth and improvement of the micro-insurance sector to meet its objectives cannot only be the responsibilities of the operator but a collective effort involving governments, CSOs, regulators at all levels. The industry’s main target is the informal sector that is highly expose to risk.

I am just looking at how this sector can grow and have a greater impact along side of city authorities’ efforts to decongest our cities and towns through demolishing of structures along our roads, markets among others which belong to the client scope of this industry. I’m thinking of how this sector can grow as our present farmers’ harvest faith depends solely on rain. I’m worried about how this sector can grow alongside with this massive unemployment epidemic that has befallen our nations- a situation that I will blame on the door steps of our educational institutions of higher learning as they fail to produce “job creators” but “job hunters” on one hand and our governments for failing to create conducive atmosphere for local business to strive on the other hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, the microinsurance sector cannot survive fully without a careful collaboration with the much talked about microfinance sector, IT and Telecom industries.

It is my hope that this summit opens a powerful door for us as professionals to debate, criticize, agree, disagree and come to contentious on how best we can together grow this untapped sector to improve the economic conditions of Africa.

Like I have always been saying total peace in Africa is actually a mirage unless we improve our economic conditions. Surely, with collective will and responsibility, Africa will have access to the economic power and see the peace we are all eager to see!
I whole heartedly accept to Chair this summit and seek maximum corporation from you for the success of this summit. God bless you with peace and love.