The Africa Peace Festival – APF is aims at building peace through culture of diplomacy

Africa Peace Festival Secretariat: Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Secretariat is to promote peace building through cultural diplomacy. It strives to educate and unite through the showcase, promotion and celebration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

The festival is part of our agenda to bring public awareness that would enable people to make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and the continent.

The Africa Peace Festival Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the Secretariat) has been established as the executive body for the Peace Festival project. The purpose of the Secretariat is to develop the concept for the project, serve as a focal point of information, manage, budget, liaise with partners, donors and key participants, delegate responsibilities to supporting staff and serve other outreach, administrative, organizational and financial tasks as needed.

The Median Edition of Africa Peace Festival (APF 2012)

The 1st Africa Peace Festival of The African Centre for Peace Building was organized between June 30-July 6, 2012 in Accra-Ghana. The Festival strives to engage, educate and unite through the showcase, promotion and celebration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage. It offers a platform for young leaders, both female and male, to identify the societal roots of conflict, express opinion, overcome differences and commit to the achievement of sustainable peace in the region.

Objectives of the 2012 Africa Peace Festival

  • To provide as a safe, peaceful and joyful environment that allows people from different backgrounds to overcome their differences and unite for peace
  • To bring awareness and build capacity among youth on critical peace building issues with the objective of creating future peace educators
  • To provide a forum for the youth to showcase their ideas in solving societal problems
  • To showcase African rich culture
  • To promote cultural tolerance and unity in diversity as a commitment to peaceful coexistence
  • To engage political leaders, civil society, the media and representatives of the private sector with ideas of cultural tolerance and to encourage their commitment to peace, unity and development
  • To promote trade and development

Activities of the 2012 Africa Peace Festival

  1. International Peace Conference
  2. Africa Peace Awards
  3. Business and NGO Leadership Forum
  4. Youth Leadership Training

The 2nd Africa Peace Festival will be held in 2015