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The world still stands threatened by the millions of people who lost their lives and properties as a direct results of destructive conflicts, violence and war, and its concomitant effect on the globe. These lives that are being wiped off on the face of the earth, posses multiple challenges on our environment, health, governance, economic, society, human development.

In the past, many social and global thinkers existed for the propagation of the message of peace and human rights across the globe, even now many are putting up their best to making this world a better place for us, yet destructive conflicts, violence, war, human right abuse and oppression, disease, death and hunger continues to be a canker chopping fiber of our society and shrinking the very lives that will take us to the promise land many preached some years back.

This situation continues to escalate day-in-day-out  since the true story has not yet been told, that those who could live to make this world a better place for us lose their lives and properties as a result of corruption, greed, selfishness, oppression, racism, lack of positive opportunities for the youth, laziness, lack of education and heath care, hunger and all forms of discrimination.

Meanwhile, in Africa for instance, some of us get chances to make a change but just that we allow ourselves to be used and manipulated by the already evil built system. Many of us on the continent get power and authority through 'elections' which some consider as a battle field where only guns and bullets could determine the winner. In the same way others thought it is a 'just' process of choosing their leaders who would bring an end to economic distress, corruption, war, conflicts, diseases, hunger, human right abuse and creating positive opportunities in society for every one. This conflicting view on what election is and not, is what has damaged the reputation of the African continent. A reputation that our father bent their bloods to build. Much resources of the continent are being wasted on preventing and managing these protracted wars and destructive conflicts,-these resources perhaps might be much more than what our father spent on liberating the Continent-Africa.

What confuses more often is that those who suppose to put an end to these evil acts rather enslave the youth’s youthful energies to worsen situations. And at the end the youth are tagged as 'violent'. A large pool of young people do not need to be destabilizing, however if these young people- particularly young men-are uprooted, intolerant, jobless, and lack opportunities for positive engagement, they represent a ready pool of recruits for ethnic, religious, and political extremists seeking to mobilize violence. These are because they are ready to do anything so long as they know it would get them moving even for just a day. For those of us who use the youth this way, I say, you lack vision…and you must go back to where you came from...

Some times, I do not blame those who demand for violence acts in return of their, just that, some of us (the youth) are very lazy and not ready to take our destinies into our own hands. We are not ready to think and read between the lines. We just molded our mind to be remote controlled. None of us (the youth) is even ready to scarifies for the future…rather we crave for what could make us a luxury living for today forgetting that the days we have spent so far per God's will is far less than what is a head of us. My fellow young people let us refuse to be used and manipulated by the those who lack vision ...those who must go back to where they came from and see ourselves as might changer MAKERS. Let us see ourselves us partners in national development but not partners in national disaster, distress or distruction...Let us train ourselves us preacher of PEACE but not pieces.

Society is gradually tearing apart, losing its moral values, and lacking sense of direction. In Ghana today for instance, man could only access some privileges based on his political, tribal and religious colure. Man could only make a contributions into national development based on the number of degrees one has, ones stature, and or how long his has lived on earth.  

In our universities and educational institutions of late, students could only pass their exams based on their relationship with their teacher and or how much money they have, rather not based on how well or bad they reproduce what they were taught and learnt.

In many countries now days, basic human rights and freedom are being exchange with prosperity rights and property freedoms.

To end these, the youth particularly must be told the truth and brainwashed on what constitute peace and its significance to society, access to positive opportunities must be mad available with no condition, leaders must be made accountable for their stewardships. It cannot be gotten on a silver platter, but with hard work, perseverance, determination, tolerance. This is not an individual effort but a collective will and responsibility.
For where is peace, one need not to struggle for justice, where is justice has it golden seat, there live freedom, where freedom rains….there we sees development.

Emmanuel K. Senyo Kumedzina, Director (Peace & Conflicts) email:

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"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."-Martin Luther King Jr

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