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Community Peace Education




Community Peace Education (Pupils)

Peace Walk

AFCOPB and its Volunteers in July-August, 2010 embark of community peace education at Wusuta, Afoeta and it environs in the Volta Region of Ghana. The programme was a focus group discussion involving adults on one hand and pupils on the other hand.

Adults Discussion

Adults were educated o how to use dialogue to resolve their differences and maintain peace and harmony at the various homes. They were also educated on the role they should play in the lives of their children in order for them to become responsible citizen in the future.

The participants asked many questions on how they could resolve their long-standing land disputes in the villages which some of them have been litigated and remain in the courts for several years. The Facilitators provided responses to the questions but cautioned them to desist from actions and inactions that would to hostility among them.

The the events teachers were also educated on their role in ensuring peace in the communities. they should resist from actions and inactions that should threaten or further worsen conflicts situations in the communities.

It was stressed at the discussions that there can be peace in the community when leaders develop ideas and policies that reflect the views of the majority in the community, if justice is given to all and the rights of every individual is well respected. The Facilitators encourage the community leaders to also consider the views of the people when taking some vital developmental decisions.

The event was patronized by couples, religious leaders, some community leaders and teachers. Churches were also visited during the two month stay in the community here see pictures

Pupils Discussion

Pupils (aged between 9-15 years) were brought together and were introduced to what and peace and conflicts. They were also educated on how to peaceful and grow to be come useful citizens of Ghana. Their views were first sought on their understanding of what constitute peace and conflict. they were also asked their knowledge on causes and effects of conflict:- the pupils made wonderful submission. here to see pictures of the discussion

The event was crowned with a peace walk through the principal streets in the community. here to see pictures. .... click here to watch the video

Community Peace Education-Farmers Concert, at twelve communities in Mampong Municipality and Ejura-Sekyedumase District in the ashanti Region of Ghana. March-April 2010

Farmers in the Mampong Municipal and Ejura-Sekyedumase District Assemblies have been educated on how to use dialogue in resolving their conflicts. The project also aim at providing education to the farmers on how to live in peaceful coexistence with each other. They were taken through number of conflict situation that led to war and claiming lives property of people in Africa.

In the evenings videos of the wars situations were shown to them after which the video was

interpreted in the Twi (indigenous). The video was to create the awareness of the effects of war and violence on the human race in the world.

In all, twelve communities (Sekruwa, Bonosu, Bosomkyekye, Aboantem, Ejura, Sekyedumase, Adujuen, Bayerenkonta, Mininaso, Woraso, Sataso, Atonsuoja) in the two districts.

These communities visited are dominated by settler who have migrated from areas that are experiencing sporadic tribal conflicts. It is therefore the wish of the Centre to educate the farmers not migrate with those conflicts but they should be the thing of the past and forgive each other as they come to settle in a different community.

The farmers were also registered and provided with farm inputs-herbicides, spraying machines, farm boots, and services a tractor among other. The was done in partnership with ADPL Farming Scheme to improve their livelihood.

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."- Martin Luther King Jr.
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