Ho Municipal Director-NCCE

Ho Municipal Director-NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE (Ho Municipality) and The African Cetre for Peace Building-AFCOPB on December 22, 2010 engaged members of Peace and Civic Education Clubs of St. Prosper’s College-Ho to stage a drama/play to educate people of Avenui (one of the newly created electoral areas in the Ho Municipal Assembly) on the need for the District Assemblies and the Unite Committee Elections.

Representatives from the Electoral Commission-Ho and Information Service Department-Ho made a presentations on the dos and don’t of the elections.cheif avenui

The Regional and Municipal Director of NCCE spoke on the need for public to participate in the process. The speakers also cautioned the people to engage in violence and intimidation free elections.

Chiefs and the people of the town were given the opportunity to ask questions boarding their minds as far as the election was concerned.

The day also presented a golden platform for the aspirants of the Assembly and the Unit Committee Membership to interact with the people and presented to them their manifestoes.

The event was climaxed with a play/drama by the Peace and Civic Education Club of PROSCO. The play was written by NCCE, finalized and directed by Mr. Emmanuel Senyo Kumedzina-Director of The African Centre for Peace Building-AFCOPB. The drama was a move to further inform the people of the likely challenges of the election and how they can be tackled.

Takra- *far right* a leader of an irate youth who were not in support of a particular candidate, led his group to block all route leading to the town preventing vehicles from entering the town, tearing poster of the aspirants and causing confusion in the town. Tsofrobi *far left*- a friend of Takra was not in favour and was educating Takra why he should stop what they were doing.

Takra collected money from almost all the aspirants in the view of campaigning for them. At the end Takra assorted some of the aspirants and was finally arrested by the police during declaration of the results of the polls.