Mr. Ernesto Yeboah, CPP National Youth Organizer

Mr. Ernesto Yeboah, CPP National Youth Organizer

AwakeAfrica/Accra: The National Youth Organizer of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP), Enersto Yeboah has stated categorically that he will not pledge any commitment to peace towards Ghana’s election 2016.

Mr. Enersto Yeboah made this comment during the political parties’ peace commitment pledge at the media launch of 2016 Ghana Peace Invasion Campaign – an initiative of Youth Icons Ghana at the Accra Intentional Conference Centre, yesterday March 24, 2016.

He explained that it will be very hypocritical for him to pledge for peace on behalf of the youth of his party or anyone or groups calling for peace towards election 2016 when the properties of his party – CPP have been confiscated over the years by the state.

“my party has had its fare share of injustice in this country. As we speak, all my party’s properties have been confiscated by the state of Ghana. Among these properties includes the former ministry of information’s building standing right here in Accra, the Fire Service office which was suppose to be the regional head office of the CPP. If you go to Brong Ahafo Region, our regional office is now serving as the regional police command building…” – Mr. Yeboah counted the confiscated properties

Mr. Yaboah also questioned Ghana’s commitment to democracy when minority parties are being suppressed.

“I am not the best student in government or political science class, but at least when we talk about democracy, I understand  that it’s not when the whole state strangles the rights of one political party against the other and ask them to compete freely and fairly in that election”.

He also said there can never be a free, fair and peacefully elections 2016 when the country has a “fraudulent” voter register for which he sees the national peace council making no meaningful point on the matter.

“as we are speaking, we have a fraudulent voter register right before us and I’m yet to hear the national peace council make any point about this fraudulent voter register “  – he said

Mr. Yaboah also doubted the sincerity of organizations in the country calling for peace. He described the issues raised at the recent inter-political parties meeting called by the IGP as a “subtle threat”.

“my table is full of letters coming from all manner of organizations and all of them are talking about peace. I have often questioned the sincerity of these organizations to the issue of peace.  Infact the last one I attended was called by the Inspector General of Police and to be frank with you it appeared to be as though the police was only giving subtle threats and not really concerned about the peaceful Ghana” – Mr. Enersto Yaboah emphasized

Mr. Yeboah concluded his statement by declining to pledge for peace and also refused to stand with other participant to recite the peace pledge.

“I’m sorry that maybe am marrying this programme because am saying things that I’m not suppose to say. Because i was just here and suppose to come and pledge beautifully towards a peaceful election 2016. But I am sorry I am not able to do that. I decline !”

However, both the PNC’s Abu Ramadan and the NDC’s James Fonu which were present at the event, pledged their commitment to support the organisation in engaging youth across the country in a peace talk before, during and after the polls.

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante, described the comments by the CPP’s National Youth Organiser as unfortunate.

Source: AwakeAfrica