All protocol observed

A letter to my people that we were born to make a change, a positive change, I refused to be tagged again as an agent of violence and destruction.

Fellow youth, we are gathered here this afternoon in the name of PEACE and to bring a total peace to Africa and the world at large. We are here to be groomed as the preachers and ambassadors of peace. But are we ready to preach peace and practice the peace or pieces? Do we know what is peace and its significance?

Fellow youth, according to Encarta dictionary 2009, ‘Peace is a lack of noise, disturbance, disagreement, or warfare’.
I see peace as not only the absence of violence and war but also the willingness of individuals to Give and Forgive.

Fellow youth, we can’t continue to enslaves ourselves in the bondage of hatred,  greed, injustice, tribalism, political, economic exploitation and all forms of  discrimination if we want to preach peace  and practice it.

If you want to be uncommon you certainly must do uncommon things, if you are already an eagle you must swoop high so you can tough the sky. You must shine like a star where ever you are so the day you leave your locality darkness could swallow that communities and people will say there leaved a young man who shined on this community to provide us with day lights. Do not live a life that the day you are no more people say that thank God that young man is no, now we can see the day light.

I say these to you all my people that the youth have over the years been tagged as agents of violence and destruction. Our youthful energies are being sort by most politician and opinion leaders to front violence and destructions in our communities. But when results of these men’s myopic interests are achieved, we-the youth are seen as the major actors and tagged as such. Sometime I don’t blame my fellow youth because they lack positive opportunities which could give them positive engagement so they don’t follow the ‘heavens’ and the ‘earths’ promises of our ‘big men’; I blame the society in which we find ourselves. A society which provides positive opportunities based on your political, religious, economic and tribal color. A society, that is increasingly ignoring its cultural and moral values. These I say can gradually leading to a national disaster.

My fellow youth, we must say no to destructive conflict, violence and war. We must desist from being used to perpetuate violence acts. We must change the tagged on us. We should now be seen as partners in national development. However, we can’t achieve this on a silver platter; we need worked hard to achieve that.

Very soon we would be going to our various homes. Some would find themselves on the land lf difference people and different life style to volunteer their service to some deprived communities in the Northern Region and the Ashanti Region. Where ever you find yourself touch a heart by the message of peace and propagate the good message of Peace Fellowship Network International. For those us volunteering our services-let us serve well so we can write our names and works in the hearts the people and the communities in which we are going. Let us refrain from actions and inaction that might threaten peace and security of the areas we are going. We are going as messengers of PEACE but not pieces.

To everyone let us go in peace and come back in peace but not pieces. Let us pray and keep to our faiths so we don’t fall into temptations. For peace preachers must be strong in their faith so devils don’t destruct them and their endeavors.
I am doing to make a positive chance and say No to violence. I don’t know about you. But for me, I will practice pieces no more.

Till next semester. Have a peaceful vacation and God be with you all.