Korsi Senyo, Executive Director, AFCOPB

Korsi Senyo, Executive Director, AFCOPB

It is an honor to be invited by the President of Republic of Congo, H.E. Denis Sassou N’Guesso for the 25th Anniversary of Singing of the Brazzaville Protocol in Congo Brazzaville.

I am joining 9 Head of States, senior government officials, Noble Peace Prize winners, Diplomats and other hundreds eminent leaders across the world tomorrow at the Parliament of Congo, Brazzaville to celebrate and hold discussions that will help shape international resolutions for the future of Africa.

The day (11 February) is also very special on the calendar of the African continent as it marks the 24th Anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison.

The Brazzaville Protocol was signed on December 13, 1988 in the Republic of the Congo which was one of the fundamental pillars upon which modern Africa was built.

A watershed event, The Brazzaville Protocol signaled the end of the Cold War in Africa, akin to the fall of the Berlin wall for the continent.

The signing of this Protocol led to Namibia’s independence, the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola and broadened nonviolent dialogue in South Africa leading to the abolition of apartheid.

I consider myself very honored to join this programme as it presents yet another great opportunity for me to contribute my quota to global peace and development.

I pray that the Good Lord God Almighty gives me HIS supreme knowledge and wisdom to help me make meaningful and sustainable contribution towards the success of the programme and for peace in Africa.

Greetings with peace, love and blessings from Congo Brazzaville