Emmanuel_WestAfricaAssembly5AwakeAfrica/Accra: New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, URI Africa and UPF-Nigeria, announce the 7th International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue (http://www.interfaithconference.net/) to be held November 20-21, 2015, at the National Merit House, Maitama, Abuja-Nigeria.

In a press statement signed Dr. Ivorgba Ande, Executive Director of NEEDSCI and Cordinator of URI West Africa, the conference which is under the theme of the The Role of Religions to Build Peace & Security and Transcend Violent Extremism in Africa” seeks to provide an opportunity for State and non-state actors, including religious and faith leaders, along with other stakeholders to share experiences and to address key issues and challenges relating to the promotion of tolerance and reconciliation with the aim of fostering peaceful and inclusive societies and countering violent extremism.

“This 2015 conference will make a critical appraisal of the roles of religion in security issues and suggest practical ways religions can help in resolving security problems especially in Africa. It is also to create and promote an inclusive, compassionate community dialogue process that honours different personal experiences, perspectives, and narratives, while allowing for better expressing and listening to each other as we work together toward understanding and harmony” Dr. Ivorgba Ande, Executive Director of NEEDSCI and Coordinator of URI West Africa said

The  conference participants, according to the organizers will include Community leaders and activists, NGO  representatives, Political leaders, Religious/Spiritual leaders, Peace activists, Government representatives, Students, Cultural/Ethnic and Spiritual Community representatives, Human Service providers, Academics, Social Science researchers, Key participants from current or recent regions of turmoil in Nigeria, Visionaries and front-line thinkers in social-political principles, psycho-social-spiritual dynamics, and human consciousness and members of the interested public from Nigeria and around the world.

The statement ceased the opportunity to appeal to corporate bodies, development agencies, governments, and NGOs to support efforts toward the success of the conference.

“We seek partners in this worthy effort. Any provisions/contributions-in-kind (materials, equipment, financial donations etc.), or any other assistance towards the success of the conference, shall be highly appreciated and publicly acknowledged. We shall, in return share and promote your work with our international audience and membership” Dr. Ivorgba Ande said

“We shall also offer you or your organization special recognition on our website, journal, newsletter, and other promotional materials. Individual sponsors or organizational will also be invited to join future Conference Planning Committee and actively participate in developing the program” he concluded.

The Annual International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue has been held annually since 2009, in the City of Jos, the Plateau State Capital and Nigeria’s “Home of Peace and Tourism”. The Inaugural International Conference on Youth and Interfaith Dialogue was held in October 2009 at the National Library of Nigeria, beside the Plateau State Polytechnic, Jos, with over 250 participants.

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