APP 2014 eventThe African Centre for Peace Building has instituted two award schemes which seek to celebrate and honor personalities and institutions that have contributed to the development of peace and stability in Ghana and Africa.

Honoring Our Peace Heroes

The Africa Peace Prize- APP of the African Centre for Peace Building was launched in July 1, 2012 during the 2012 Africa Peace Festival in Accra. The award seeks to honor and celebrate personalities and institution who have contributed remarkably to the development of peace, justice, security, democracy, economy of their respective locality that have help in the total peace and development of the African continent.

Award Categories:

  • Africa Peace Icon (Grand Prize)APP-ff
  • Economic Peace
  • Media Achievement
  • Media Excellence (for Media organizations)
  • Interfaith / Inter-religion Peace
  • Peace Education
  • Leadership
  • Youth Services
  • Humanitarian
  • Services to Humanity
  • Human Rights
  • Education, Health
  • Democracy Development

The 2015 Award Recipient  || CLICK HERE for view the pictures

Some Awardee at the 2015 Africa Peace Awards

Some Awardee at the 2015 Africa Peace Awards

2015 Africa Peace Prize winners


2012 Africa Peace Prize Recipients


2012 Africa Peace Icon




















Dr. Kemal Yildirim (Turkey) APA (Human Rights)

Dr. Kemal Yildirim (Turkey)
APA (Human Rights)











The Ghana Peace Prize-GPP  is a an award scheme instituted by The African Centre for Peace Building to honour and celebrate personalities and institutions that have contributed tremendously to the development of Peace and Democracy in Ghana.

The first of GPP is scheduled for May 21, 2015 in Accra-Ghana which seeks to acknowledge individuals, groups, political parties who have distinguished themselves to contribute to the peace and stability that Ghana has been enjoying since its returns to the democratic rule in 1992.

Ghana since 1992, has chalked several successes and created a niche for its self in the areas of Peace, Democracy, Political Stability and Economic Development. There were a lot of individuals and organizations that stood firm to do the right thing that has taken Ghana to this level and indeed, they need to be honoured as heros and celebrated.

Ghana has witnessed several political challenges since its independence in 1957 for which the most remarkable of such are:

  1. Returning to democratic rule in 1992 after series of instabilities
  2. President Jerry John Rawlings successfully accepting democratic path for Ghana in 1992 and peacefully handing over the mantel of leadership to an opposition political party.
  3. President John Agyekum Kuffour successfully handing over mantel of of Ghana’s leadership to an opposition party led by Late President John Evans Atta Mills after three (December 7, Run-off and Tain eletions) elections in 2008.
  4.   The mantel of leadership have been transferred to President John Dramani Mahama after the sudden demise of the  Late President John Evans Atta Mills on July 24, 2012.
  5. Gone through another successful and peaceful election that declared President John Dramani Mahama as the winner but have however been challenged at the Supreme Court by the opposition NPP
  6. The Election petition verdict by the Supreme Court has been received in Good Faith by the people of Ghana and parties in the case.

Indeed, the heros that have led Ghana to achieve these successes must be honoured and celebrated.


Black Star Peace Honours

The Black Star Peace Honours is  an awarded to an individual for exhibiting an extra ordinary leadership and hard-work towards the achievement of Ghana’s peace, democracy and stability. The recipient is a person whose courage and  strength  and tolerance  has promoted and preserved Ghana’s current enviable reputation. He/she has demonstrated a  high leadership and employed such skills to achieve unprecedented stability in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty. This personality reputation and achievement is a source of inspiration and a measurable standard for many.

Peace Honours

The award is an honorary conferment on individuals and institutions whose work and actions have contributed to Ghana’s peace, democracy, stability, economic , education, health, security, social, political and environmental development, rule of law, human rights promotion, Freedom, justice, harmonious co-existence amongst Ghanaian people.

Peace and Democratic Development

The Prize is awarded to an individual and organization in recognition of their commitment to the enhancement of Ghana’s  good and enviable democratic credentials.  Their acts should be appreciated and respected by all to the promotion and development of democracy.

Economic  Peace

The award is presented to entrepreneur and corporate organizations whose services have contributed to generating jobs and  providing meaningful economic opportunities  to the broader spectrum of the society. These individuals or corporate organizations should have also supported the course of peace through their businesses.

Unknown Peace Worker

This will be received by individuals and organizations whose work is centred on people at the grassroots. The unknown peace worker works tirelessly to promote peace at the grassroots level of society. In many cases, they do this with or without any external support.

Ghana Peace Ambassadors 

Personalities will be commissioned as Ghana Peace Ambassadors. These are individuals have the commitment and passion for the work of peace and well-being of humanity. They have pledged to promote peace and development in Ghana.