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The aim of our organization is to build peace through grassroots participation. This we seek to do through community development projects in the areas of health, education, human right among others.

Bringing total peace to Africa and the world involves peace in the economic, social, political, spiritual and physical lives of the people with one person at time and or one sector at a time approach. You preach peace to the people when they have food to eat, health care, water to drink, schools to

attend, cloths to wear-but do you not need peaceful environment to provide all these facilities?

The Centre has therefore designed this ‘Peace To All - a conflict resolution project ’-thus peace to all people; peace to all sectors of life.

The project seeks to find concrete solution to protracted disputes in the country and beyond. The project is run concurrently with other community development projects (Rural Peace Project, Health Missions, Farm for Peace, Peace Festival, My Rights:My Property) in areas hit by tribal, chieftaincy and political conflicts.

The project bring together parties in conflicts to a mediation and negotiation table to find lasting solution to their problem. It also researches into causes of protracted dispute which forms the basis on which approach the Centre should use in resolving these conflicts.

The project taps resources of Conflict Resolution Experts-both local and international to in the process. It also provide the platform for Conflict Studies Students to have practical knowledge in the field.

Volunteers in the field are also made to stay in the communities ( long or short time) to interact with the community folks and also provide basic counseling for conflict victims.

We are looking for partners and donors to make this project a success. you can write to if you wish to support this project.

We are also looking for Conflict Resolution Experts and Students in the Field to Volunteers on the project (Local and Foreign) Write to

NB: The phase II of the project is scheduled for January 5, 2011


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