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Let Peace Rain
Like you Andam




Let Peace Rain, a poem written and read by Emmanuel K. Senyo Kumedzina on the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21, 2009, KNUST- Kumasi Ghana, West Africa

From the east, west, north and south we all cry, let it rain
Sharply, the wind blows sway branches here and there,
Mothers harrying to carry their babies in their own bosom.
Hares run for their lives

Where is Peace and the Love, where is their makers?
Why do you kill each other and why you let the children cry?
Papa and mama, black and white, God,
Allah and gods, brothers and sister,
Sons and daughters,
Why do you preach peace and practice pieces
Please I cry, let it rain…

Under the sun babies cry,
Under the moon babies still cry saying why mama, why papa?
The moon, sun and the earth cry saying why?
In deep and shallow waters fishes and creatures cry,
In deep and shallow forests the deer cries and run,
Run for its little life.
These are all relics of greed and hatred
Please, papa and mama, sons and daughters
Let peace rain.

Let peace rain like water from heavens, let it rain…
From the east, west, north and South, let peace rain
From mountains and valleys let peace rain and flow...
Politicians and civil servants, teachers and students,
Superiors and subordinates, mothers and fathers,
Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters
Why are your hearts griped with hatred and anger?
When you can just let peace rain to nature creatures of this earth.
Why are your hands griped with innocent bloods?
When you can just let peace flow like blood in you veins.
Why do you enslave yourselves in the prisons of political
Tribal, Racial, Religious and social differences?
When you can just let peace build a better home for us.
Please I say and cry, Let peace rain…

Why can’t you free yourselves from the
Bondage of hatred and let peace rain
For, where there is peace, there is great love
Where there is peace, one need not struggle and search for justice
Where there is peace, love and justice,
Freedom flows like a rain, where freedom lives there is development.
So free yourself.
Free from the bondage of hatred, anger, greed,
Free from tribalism.
Free at last from political, economic exploitation
And let the supreme peace rain...

The Late:
Prof. Kwesi Andam

This poem was written by Emmanuel K. Senyo Kumedzina and dedicated to Prof. Kwesi Andam. The poem was written and published a year before Prof. Andam died.

Prof. Kwesi Andam was the Vice Chancellor of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and highly admired by the Arthur of this poem due to the philanthropic policies he introduced (less-endowed-students admission system) in the university.

The policy gives the opportunity to best students from rural schools (less endowed schools) to get free admission into the university to pursue various field of study regardless of their grade.

The Late Prof. Andam chalked a success with this policy since most of the students he admitted on the scheme have excellent academic performance.

Senyo is a product and a fun of Prof. Kwesi he tells his story.


I’ll be like you,
In capitals will I always spell your name ‘ANDAM’
For the numerous footprints you left on this earth,
 I’ll pick them,
On tablets will I prepare them
So they shall remain forever new, forever yours.

Daughters of melody tell it in their songs
And others dance on the rhythms.
I heard the birds cheep with thy name as I pass by,
At dawn the cock crows with thy name
That reminds me to be like you ‘ANDAM’
Anytime the wind blows,
It whispers your initials,
But for me I’ll depict you,
In words will I describe you, Add epithet to your name,
And spell it in capitals ‘ANDAM’
And hope it will carry me to your dream land.

My survival depended on the little bread you spread that day
The piece of cloth you used to wrap the earth
Is what I used to cover my nakedness and as my regalia.
This is what others accused you and I of.
Should it not rather merit a pat or a hug?

In the dry season, your tears fall from heavens
To nurture the creatures of this earth
A time that I never had a chance
To gather some water during the rainy season
To add to your tears.
Now the sky is dry; famine cometh and your face too dry
Where shall I get some water
To at least clean your feet for the dusty, rocky road you trod.
In every hundred days of my journey,
Ten shall be to your dreamland.

Today reach your menopause
No longer do you bear fruits
And creatures of this earth smile like
The sea to spell your name in capitals ‘ANDAM’
On their behalf, I depict you, describe you in words
Add epithet to your name and spell It in CAPITALS ‘ANDAM’
I’ll be like you.

By Emmanuel K. Senyo Kumedzina,

Written and published 8-10-2006-copyrite ©






"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it." Dwight D. Eisenhower

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