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Peace Walk at Wusuta-Volta Region

Peace Fellowship Network-Wusuta

Rev. Fr. Bennuyena - Chief Patron
Prosper Aful-President

About Wusuta

Wusuta is a small village near Vakpo in the Kpando District-Volta Region, Ghana and has a population of close to 5000.

It is about 45munites drive from Vakpo (on the Have-Kpondo road). The major economic activity in the community is fishing. People of Wusuta speak Ewé. They are also very accommodative.

The Community is a Christian dominated with close to nine churches. The community has four schools (kindergarten, primary and JHS) out of which one is private-Royal Academy.

Students of Royal Academy are very fluent in French and English.

AFCOPB hope to cover the rest of the schools on its next trip-September to December


Volunteers on the Rural Peace Project at Royal Academy-Wusuta in the Kpando District of Volta Region, Ms. Patricia Kwarteng-KNUST, Ms. Gloria Papanko-KNUST and Ms. Gifty Nunana Agbenya-Legon who are assisting in teaching and leaning at the said community has organized a 'Peace Walk' to create awareness of effects of conflicts on society.

The programme was the first out-door event of the Peace Fellowship Network International -Wusuta Chapter established by the Volunteers on the service as part of the Rural Peace Project.

Videos of the Peace Walk at Wusuta


The Volunteers are Members of the Peace Fellowship Network-KNUST and Legon respectively. The event was largely patronized by students of Royal Academy, students from other schools in the community, teachers and leaders on the community.

Students carried placards and banners with various inscription on them like, 'Let Respect Ourselves, Let peace rain, Strength in Unity, Let us Tolerate each other, Peace Fellowship Network' etc. The headmaster and the volunteers lead them till they covered the town

The inscriptions written in english language were also translated in Ewe on some of the placards. The students, teachers, together with community folks walked through the major streets in the town to the neighboring villages in the area. The event was climaxed by a debar at the school premises at

Wusuta where students received various talks from their Headmaster, Teaches, Chief and Volunteers.

Ms. Patricia Kwarteng - Leader of the Volunteers' Team in the community pointed out that AFCOPB has the vision of bringing the message of peace to the people through youth development and education. She said for the voluntary programme (section of the Rural Peace Project) to achieve it required objectives and sustainable, it must be a collective responsibility of parents, Community

leaders, teacher, heads of schools, volunteers and students. She finally called on all stake holders to put in their maximum efforts toward achieving this vision.








Rev. Fr. Bennuyena-chairman of the occasion declared the community's committeeman at making sure sure the project come to stay in their community. He also called on the people of Wusuta to be ready to offer their rooms to accommodate the volunteers any time the need be.

click here to view pictures of the peace walk,


Volunteer (Leader)
Patricia Kwarteng
Gifty Nunana Agbenyega
Gloria Papanko



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