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UN International Day of Peace, 2010


Mr. Chairman-Rev. Dr. Paul Boafo, Dean of Students-Dr. Owusu Darko, Dr. Aliu Bukari, Rev. Fr. Prof. John Appiah, Mr. Aminu Dramani, Dr. Prince Osei Adjei, Chief Imam KNUST, invited Guest, ladies and gentlemen.

On behalf of the African Centre for Peace Building and Peace Fellowship Network International, I welcome you all to this gathering and wish to express my gratitude to all participants and especially invited guest for honoring our invitation even at the very short notice.  We are very grateful.

Mr. Chairman, we are all gathered hear in the name of peace and to observe the International Peace Day by the United Nations’ GA resolution 55/282, September 7, 2001 which reaffirm the contribution that the observance and celebration of the International Day of Peace makes in strengthening the ideals of peace and alleviating tensions and causes of conflict.

Mr. Chairman today also marks a great day for Ghanaians as we join our hands to celebrate the 101 birthday of Osagyafo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah-the founder for our nation, Ghana. And this being his university, this moment indeed is a history for us.

Mr. Chairman, the African Centre for Peace Building having pledge its commitment to the UN's call, has declared today as ‘peace making day’ in the hearts of every Ghanaian hence the need to observe the day.

AFCOPB is a Ghana based non-governmental organization which aims at building a sustainable peace in Africa through youth development, promotion of human rights, health, and educational development among others. As part of our vision to build peace through the youth and grassroots development, the Centre is currently establishing Peace Fellowship Networks across the country and also in some African countries. We now have 10 chapters in Ghana and a Chapter kick starts in Liberia.

Mr. Chairman the Centre has designed Rural Peace Project piloted in Upper East, West, Northern and Volta Region of Ghana where students volunteered their service during the long vacation. Health Mission Project is also to be piloted in Ashanti Region this December. This are moves to provide positive opportunities to member of the Peace Fellowship Networks and youth at large..
The network aims at bringing together the young people’s youthful energies to champion the course of peace building instead of fronting violence and destruction. 

Mr. Chairman, young people around the world have often been the victims of war and conflicts. Their energies are source and often used to front violent acts and conflicts.

A large pool of young people does not need to be destabilizing, however if young people-particularly young men - are uprooted, intolerant, jobless, and have few opportunities for positive engagement, they represent a ready pool of workforce for ethnic, religious, and political extremists seeking to mobilize violence.

In Ghana for instance, the youth have directly been involved in political, chieftaincy and ethnic conflicts in trouble spots like Bawku, Alavanyo-Nkunya, Kokomba-Nanumba, Buipe and Anloga. The violence that characterized the recent Atiwa bi-election is of no exception.

Mr. Chairman, we cannot promote global peace especially in Africa without solving the major problem confronting the youth. The youth of Ghana for instance need jobs, positive engagement- some thing they can depend on for their daily survival. The politicians give promises of providing jobs to youth during elections that some of us considered as a battle field where only guns and bullets could determine the winner, whiles other think is just a process of choosing leaders that would put an end to our problems. Fellow youth, the politician would and cannot solve our unemployment problem completely. They may do something but it may not be sustainable. We must take our destiny in our own hand and shift away from enjoying luxury for today and rather scarifies now for the future.
Mr. Chairman, graduate unemployment is increasing at alarming rate. This is not because there are no jobs; rather, it is because we have job-illiterate graduates in the country.
Mr. Chairman, I do not blame the young graduates rather our educational system. Our Ghanaian educational system does not give room for personal development towards meeting the challenges of the cooperate, political and the social world. Our system structure only prepares us for class room examination which normally ends on the very day we are crowned with the degree gum. The system is in such away that those who involve in extra curricular activities either trail some of their courses or wallow in 40s till they finish school. While other concentrate on their note to make their grades.
Mr. Chairman the question is the question is: is this chew and pour pass and forget going to alleviate us from our an employment troubles?
Mr. Chairman, I therefore wish to take this opportunity to call on the Tertiary Educational Institution Council and the Government of Ghana to have a second look at our tertiary educational curricula, especially in the universities.
I also like call on our Politicians to stop taking advantage of the young people’s unemployment situation to offer them miga resources to front violence acts. Those who fuel violence act will not be call children of God. Mathew 5:9 ‘blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of God’ and the bible has said it all that you shall rip what you saw…
I once again thank you all for coming and I call on all to join us preach peace and not pieces to the world in order to ‘make some body happy’
God bless you.


A muslim prayer section was lead by Chief Imam of KNUST after which two minute Global Cease Fire was observed preceding lighting of candle


'…is looks like we celebrate this day to usher in war, more need to be done …' Dr. Aliu Bukari, UN Peace Day 2010    

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