This Volunteers Page is for International Volunteers. The local volunteers page will be ready soon.

Please you can click here to download the International Volunteers’ Guide

Ghanaians interested in volunteering on any of our projects should write to volunteer@afcopb.org

International Volunteers' Page

Administrative Interns (Grant Officer, Sponsorship Coordinator, Research Officer)

Volunteers (both local and foreign) are needed to assist in writing grants, sponsorship proposals and working on upcoming research.

We need the Volunteers from May 2016 and the Volunteer should be willing to stay with us at least two weeks.

  • Sponsorship Coordinator will be in charge of local and International businesses and donor organizations
  • Grant Officer will be in charge of writing grant and developing other Fund Raising Strategies
  • Research Officer will be assisting in collecting data and righting reports

Some of our ongoing/upcoming projects:

  • Africa Peace Conference
  • Africa Peace Prize
  • Youth in Elections
  • Peace and Conflict research

Interested individual should please send their CVs to volunteer@afcopb.org with the subject “the position interested in”

NB: A little previous experience or ready to learn on the job in the field will be very much appreciated.

The eduSupport Project: 

Overview: The eduSupport Project-ESP seeks to provide educational support to under privilege communities. The project provides volunteer teachers, educational material (school uniforms, exercise books, etc), school buildings and ICT facilities.

The project includes:

  • Teaching in basic, junior high and senior high schools
  • Donation of school uniforms, exercise books, etc
  • Construction of educational infrastructure

Volunteers are needed to offer their services in the areas of teaching and also writing proposal to help provide educational infrastructure to the selected deprived communities.

ChildCare Project is seeks to provide human resource and material support to Children Home and Ophanages in Ghana

The Health Missions Project: date opened for group (at least 5) of Medical Officers/Students

We seek to give proper information to people that would enable them make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and continent.

AFCOPB has therefore designed this project ‘Health Mission Project’ to complement the efforts of the Ghana government and other organizations in the health sector of Ghana.

Volunteers educate the rural folks on how:

  1. To prevent the spread of water borne diseases and improve sanitation
  2. The rural inhabitants should use local herbal medicine as a ‘first aims’ under a hygienic condition.
  3. Diagnose and provide basic medicine for the rural dwellers
  4. Students and pupils in the communities on self maintenance especially in the adolescents

Description of Activities

  • Community mass public education of health, Water & sanitation issues
  • Schools pupils health and self maintenance issues
  • Massive clean-up exercise with the involvement of volunteers, schools pupils and communities folks
  • Eyes and breast screening
  • Provision of free reading glasses and basic eye care medicine
  • HIV/AIDS test
  • National Health Insurance Registration Exercise


This table shows some basic Volunteer’s expenses in the “Village”. Volunteers who will wish to stay in Accra will have a higher expenses in terms of accommodation and feeding.

Duration of stay Origination fees Accommodation Food Total (USD)
1 month 250 50 200 500
2 month 250 100 400 750
3 month 250 150 600 1,000
4 month 250 200 800 1,250
5 month 250 250 1,000 1,500
6 month 250 300 1,200 1,750

Due to resource constraints we ask that international volunteers donate (250.00USD) to help us cover the cost of:

  • Airport pickup upon arrival
  • Accommodation and meals in Accra upon arrival, before transfer to project site.
  • At least one trip to tourist sites
  • Drop-off at airport on departure day
  • One Mosquito Net and One Pillow
  • One Bed sheet

The above fee (250.USD) deos not cover:

  1. The cost of feeding at the project site
  2. Transportation to and fro your home airport
  3. Air travel cost to and from Ghana
  4. Holiday to places of interest
  5. Insurance cover (you need to purchase one. Most of our partners can offer you a cover)
  6. Expenses on meals and drinks from restaurants during outings
  7. Host family is not responsible for your accommodation cost if you travel outside projects site for whatever purpose. It is your own cost.
  8. If it has to do with work authorized by the host or local organization, the host or local organization shall be responsible for your accommodation.
  1. And others not stated in what program fees covers

Feeding on in the Village is captured in the table above.