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Youth in Agriculture and Afforestation-Ghana


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YOUTH IN AGRICULTUTRE AND AFORESTATION, GHANA (YiAAG) is a youth-centered association and member group of Peace Fellowship Network International. YiAAG aims at empowering the youth in the agricultural and forestry sector in Ghana, creating employment opportunity for the youth, and ensuring food security in Ghana and Africa.

Background Problem
Unemployment is one of the major problems that affect nations. This problem has attracted both national and international attention. Politicians, governmental and non-governmental organizations have tried in several ways to alleviate this problem completely but the situation continues to live with us till this day.
Depletion of the nation’s rich forest at a faster rate is one of the problems that must seriously be dealt with before is too late. YiAAG have realized with great concern, the low level of education amongst the people of Ghana, especially the youth (future of the nation) with regards to the need to protect and develop our forests.

The major causes of unemployment are lack of resources (capital), the desire of the youth for white color jobs instead of creating one for themselves, attitude of the people towards work, lack of technical know-how, unavailability of required technologies, and increase in population without a corresponding increase in jobs.
The major causes of depletion of our forest are bush fire, cutting down of trees indiscriminately and over grazing among others. These in its self have ignited devastating change in the climatic conditions of Ghana.
Coupled with the above, most of these problems are lack of proper education amongst the youth and people of Ghana in general. Lack of market for the products for the farmer also plays a major role in these problems.

Several politicians have lost power and trust for their inability to provide jobs for their people. Poverty is one of the major effects of unemployment which in its self compels many individuals resort to various social vices like armed robbery, prostitution, broken homes, and child labor among others (which also pose serious threat to existence of human society). People also practice rural-urban migration due to unemployment. The problem (unemployment) has raised many questions in the minds of people as to whether this age-old issue should be governmental or individual responsibility.

The lost of our forests have greater potentials of generating a lot of havoc for human survival in Ghana. Notably among these effects are shortage foods (the negative effect on agriculture) causing lost of human lives and malnutrition, diseases, rise in the temperature, lost of lives of many organic species, and lost of water bodies.

Considering the above stated problems and its adverse effects on our youth and society at large, Youth in Agriculture and Afforestation, Ghana (YiAAG) intends to involve socially responsible individuals and bodies collectively to help solve these problems: a course towards a sustainable national development and attainment of a brighter future for us all. This would go a long way to impact positively on our young people and the society as a whole.
This association would be the main linking body between governmental agencies (Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ministry of Trade and Industries, Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Resources, Ministry of Youth and Sports among others) and the people at the grass root especially the youth. The body would also link with national and international NGOs, external donors, and investors whose interest is geared towards development of the agriculture and the forestry sector, and environmental protection related policies.

Producing and not selling is a play factor in the above stated problems, so, YiAAG would also search for markets for products of the farmers.

Ghana as a developing nation has its future on the shoulders of the youth. For that matter we intend developing (education and empowerment and other supports) the youth throughout the country towards achieving sustainable national development.

The association would also receive business proposals from individuals especially the youth who wish to enter into agribusiness, study them and help them realize their vision. This we want to do with a system, ‘Implement Operate and Transfer-(IOT)’. The system would include the pioneer(s) of the idea and the leadership of YiAAG. YiAAG would therefore solicit for the necessary finance and technical support for the implementation of the projects. This is to help alleviate the problems faced by people especially when establishing new businesses in Ghana.

The system (IOT) would also make YiAAG very sustainable since all the necessary finances that are solicited for the project can be retrieved and paid back to the creditors before transferring the entire project to the pioneer(s). The need for this system (IOT) is to prevent the situation whereby funds that are given to young businesses are mismanaged and eventually leading to the inability of the businesses buying (in case of loans) back to the creditors (banks, microfinance institutions among others).

AFCOPB, ATTL, Young Star Group and YiAAG have secured a 500acre land for a commencement of a block farming in the Volta Region. The youth (Volunteers) would be working on the project with stipend.

There are three dams, and four housing facilities of at the site. The land would be used for cultivation of maize, cassava, grasscutter, goat, picture, fish faming, vegitable farming etc.

YiAAG intends to embark on an effective education on planting of tree and protecting our forest resources. In as much as we are encouraging the people of Ghana to enter into agriculture, we would do well to also assist them implement strategies to farm and also develop the forest. This would be done with a system ‘Tree and Crop Farming-TCF’. Thus cultivating crops as well as growing trees in crops, and stop cropping when the trees grow.

'Rural Road Afforestation, (RRA)' is one of the programme we would introduce, thus getting authorization from Ghana Highways Authority to plant trees (teak tree-used for electric poles) along the rural high ways. This would be done in consultation with the community leader. The programme would contribute to increasing Afforestation and also generating revenue for the communities and YiAAG since those trees can be sold to be processed into electricity poles.

We strongly believe that one can only discover ideas when they live in a very sound environment and that we would embark on vigorous environmental cleanness campaigns across the country.
YiAAG in its self would provide large employment opportunities to the youth and also empower others to realize their dream businesses. These would contribute to reduction in poverty, rural-urban migration, and social vises among others


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