The Youth Leadership Training Programme is designed to empower the youth for leadership skill to help them become change makers in their societies. The programme also presents unique opportunity for participants to network.

Training Objectives:

  • To equip the youth with leadership skills that will enable them become development agents in their respective societies
  • To develop and enhance the intellectual capabilities of participants to enable them participate meaningfully in issues of governance and national development
  • To enhance participants with the necessary skills for self-development
  • To equip participants with skills in conflicts management
  • To adequately prepare the youth for social, religious economic and political endeavors
  • To equip the participants with basic techniques in write academic research works.

Expected Results:
After participation and completion of these training sessions, participants are expected to:
– Be capable and reliable leaders with good moral standing
– Contribute towards the efforts of good governance and nation building
– Create a network among the various youth from varied cultural backgrounds
– Effectively and easily use ICT to enhance their lives
– Acquire basic techniques in academic proposal writing