AFCOPB seeks to address a very critical conflict issues in Africa through its Youth Peace Project-YPP which seeks to empower young people in the communities to use their youthful energies to front peace and development instead of violence and destruction.

The aim of the project is to instill a sense of peace building among the younger generation in Africa whilst assisting with teaching and learning activities in Junior High and Senior High Schools; advocating for sustainable policies by governments; and community outreach programme.

We are starting the YPP from Ghana (Bawku, Nkunya and Alavanyo) where we will revamp our Peace Clubs in the educational institutions to be be a power agent of Peace. In the following year, we are expanding to Nigeria and Sierra Leon.


  1. Establishment of Peace Clubs in KNUST, University of Ghana, University of Development Studies and University of Cape Coast.
  2. Training of members of the Peace Clubs through workshops and conference
  3. Deployment of the trained members of the Peace Clubs for outreach programmes and community development services in the conflict prone areas

Some Key Activities:

  1. Voluntary teaching: This is going to be our community entry approach where AFCOPB will penetrate communities through a disguise “Peace Missionaries”. The volunteers also help form the Peace Clubs in their respective schools. Peace related activities (peace walks, games for peace and community peace education) will then be organized WITHIN and BETWEEN the Peace Clubs.
  2. Youth led peace campaigns. With this, AFCOPB seeks to use community based peace education to encourage the youth in the communities to serve as Peace Ambassador.
  3. Videos and documentaries (e.g. on Rwandan genocide, Liberian war etc) on the effects of war and violence situation would be shown in some of the evenings in the communities and the schools. This is aimed at having psychic effects on the people hence cautioning their mind not to involve in destructive conflicts.

Online discussions and information sharing

An e-discussion platform will be provided on AFCOPB’s website ( and our online news portal ( as well as our face book page ( to engage volunteers  and public on various discussions.

On this platform they will share their experiences and submit periodic reports. Videos and photographs will also be loaded on the project website

Project Objectives

  1. To compliment efforts by African governments to resolve the age old conflicts
  2. To empower the youth to become Peace Ambassadors in their communities.
  3. To compliment efforts to improve  classroom teaching and learning in deprived schools
  4. To provide positive engagements for the youth

We need donors, partners and international volunteers on this project: